What is Geriatric Care Management


  • Acts as an advocate for the needs and desires of a senior and/or family.  Often, the family lives away or the family is overwhelmed with other obligations, and in their eyes, unable to give appropriate attention to their loved one’s needs.
  • Is experienced in addressing a broad range of issues.
  • Has knowledge of costs, quality, and availability of resources in their communities.
  • Collaborates with other healthcare providers to give you the best of care.
  • Is an Advocate for the client.


  • Assess the needs of client and family
  • Monitor the areas the client and family have chosen
  • Address problems when arising
  • Determine possible resources and advocate for the client
  • Communicate with the family on desired updates
  • Examine the Care Plan and update with client and family as needed
  • Gather bills and prepare checks, ensuring timely payments
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Available in a crisis, such as ER visits, having drug list available, health conditions, family contacts, etc.
  • Be the eyes and ears for the family


  • Home Care Services-Staff is well experienced in understanding home health and what qualifies the client to receive nursing and/or therapy.    Safety in the home is assessed along with communicating the needs of making the client's home a safe environment.
  • Medical Management-The client's advocate will schedule doctor appointments, provide transportation to the doctor, facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family, and if appropriate monitor client's compliance to medical orders and instructions. Ordering medications and picking up is also available.

  • Home Services and Management-Arranging for maintenance for home repairs and upkeep.  Assessing the home for safety is also a critical need to try and prevent a fall.
  • Social Activities-Keeping the client as active as possible is critical in having a quality life.  The advocate will attempt to engage the client in social activities that could enhance that quality of life.

  • Legal-This will be discussed with the client and family and what role we might play in working with an elder law attorney.
  • Financial-The client and family will determine the need for assistance in financial management and which resource will be used.

  • Resources-Senior Resources 4U will assess possible resources that may be available for the client, such as Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefits.

      This and more can be done. A plan would be established for you or your loved one's needs. If you believe we could be an advocate and help give your loved one the best quality of life and ease your worry, please contact us. Keep in mind that two resources that help in many cases are long term insurance policies and Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits .

  • Our team consists of specialists in variety of areas, along with having the trusted resources we have worked with, such as an Elder Law Attorney or Financial Advisor. "Communication is the key in care management.  Family members and professonals will be notified of client's needs and welfare.  Types of communication will be discussed with the client and family, such as email, phone, etc."

    Carolyn Legg is also a member of the Aging Life Care Association and a member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.

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