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Should You Be a Caregiver



1. Are you a nurturer?

2. What in your background supports being a nurturer?

3. Do you have any unresolved anger over how the care recipient treated you in the past?

4. Were you physically or sexually abused by the potential care recipient?

5. How is your health and stamina? Do you have the energy to be a principal caregiver?

6. What is your prime motivation for caregiving—guilt, family obligations, or love?

7. What duty and obligation do you believe you have to the potential care recipient?

8. Can you express your feelings and your opinions even when they are unpopular?

9. Can you comfort friends and family members when they are in distress?

10. Do you know your limits, and do you honor them?

11. Do you know how to manage stress? How well do you take care of yourself?

12. What role do religion and spirituality play in your life? Is it a support for you?

13. How would your family and home handle the addition of a parent or grandparent?

14. Do you work at home? Is your workspace separated from living space?

15. What kind of financial support can you provide?

16. Can you take on the responsibility of home care?

17. Can your home accommodate the care recipient’s needs? Could you remodel?

18. What sorts of support systems exist in your community to help you with caregiving?

19. Can you easily ask for help if you require it?

20. Can you set and maintain boundaries?

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"Caregiving entails a variety of activities.  Having met many caregivers, some believe they do not measure up if they are unable to do hands on with their loved one.  I can attest that not everyone has the gift of "hands on" caregiving.  This does not mean you are a bad person or should be filled with guilt.  I believe God has given each person special gifts.  I encourage you to use your gift in your area.  This does not mean you cannot participate in the care of your loved one.  I encourage you to look at your situation, honestly, and determine where you may fit in."  Carolyn Legg, CSA



Duncanville Senior Home Healthcare. Caregivers Connection 4U provides Companionship, Personal Care, Geriatric Care Management, Home Care, Elder Care , Senior Housing, Caregivers to the following locations: Cedar Hill, TX, Grand Prairie, TX, Waxahachie, TX, surrounding areas. Geriatric Care Managing (Aging Life Care Specialist) and Senior Housing Choices 4U provides consulting in Dallas & Ft. Worth and surrounding areas, also San Antonio and Austin.